View from the terrace


Tía Mía Living Room


Tía Mía Kitchen


Tia Mia front view


Tia Mia bedroom balcony


View of the street from Tía Mía

Note from the Owner

I have worked in tourism for almost 20 years, and through my work as a guide, as well as my enjoyment of travel, I have visited many stunning places in the world. Therefore I did not expect to be so totally captivated by Gaucin.

I visited Gaucin in 2008 for the first time when I travelled there to lead a tour. I was – and am still, spellbound by the village and the views. I have been incredibly lucky with all the voyages that I have been able to undertake but, despite this, the fact that I am on one Continent and clearly see another Continent never ceases to thrill me. The absolutely stunning views from this “balcony village”, with it’s unique location and the lovely people have drawn me here. (The superb quality of local cheeses, seafood, hams, wine, olive oil and excellent ‘Tapas’ probably also helped!)

This is a very different corner of Europe, so far removed from Northern European climes and work pressure – yet so easy to get to –it felt to me as though I had arrived on a different planet.

During my next visits I looked at properties, with a vague idea of buying. My Aunt (Tia Mia) left me some money and in the very same week the property I have now restored came up for sale. I knew work commitments would not allow me to live in Gaucin at least for a while, but I decided to buy this house. Of course, the house has the most exceptional views out over Gibraltar, across the Med and to Africa beyond as well as of the village, the old Moorish castle and surrounding rolling hills.

The building work was completed in April 2012 and I fitted the house out in a simple, yet (I think!) comfortable style.

I do hope that you will come and stay and enjoy the house, the views, the Tapas & Cava; to simply soak up the wonderful atmosphere or exert some energy walking or riding – or painting, in the incredible countryside.

If you feel you need to achieve something then Ines will give you some Spanish lessons or Belinda my botanist friend will take you for an amble in the hills.

And if you would like to visit that other Continent clearly visible from Tia Mia’s terrace, we can also help.

The house is available all year round – as well as being ideal for the hotter months, it has wood burning stoves, double glazing & radiators for the cooler months.